LE1700 – New Tablet from Motion Computing


I see Motion computing has release a new Tablet PC – the LE1700. Looks pretty nice, though not too much different than the LE1600 on the outside. Then again, I love my LE1600, so I am not sure what I would change about it. Obviously, the new Core 2 Duo processor, and support for up to 4 gb of RAM are both nice enhancements.

I would still like to see some tablet vendor, somewhere, do something innovative witht he power connector. Just having it stick out the side does not seem to work. Anytime you are using the tablet in tablet mode, so much torque is put on the connector that in time, it cannot help but get loose. A solution to this cannot be that hard. I mean, how about simply recessing the socket, so that the plug does not stick out. Or, put a clip for the wire to shield the plug from some of the torque. This is still my one main reliability complaint about slate tablets.

Still looking forward to getting an LE1700 though J.


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