Good discussion of pros and cons of SharePoint Site Definitions

Here is a pretty good posting on the the pros and cons of using custom Site Definitions in WSS3/MOSS 2007. 

I had always thought that Site Definitions were the correct way to deploy site level customizations (as opposed to using Site Templates). I began to question that, however, when I heard (from a Microsoft employee working with SharePoint, no less) that custom Site Definitions were being phased out in the next version (Office 14, or whatever). I have not been able to find any confirmation of this, however.

SharePoint in Web 2.0 Fire Starter- Live Meeting

This SharePoint in Web 2.0 Fire Starter- Live Meeting looks interesting.

I also find the following statement on the page interesting:

Did you know that SharePoint is the fastest growing Server product in Microsoft’s history? It’s not only an enterprise darling but also an IT pro dream in terms of maintenance.

SharePoint technologies seem to have a lot of momentum going.