A bit about myself. I have been working in the world of technology for 30 years. I am a senior technologist, focused on software solutions, social networking, new/novel technologies, and innovation processes. I am currently CTO at The Learning Bar in Fredericton, NB.

Previously, I was VP of Technology at Agora Mobile. Prior to that, I was a Principal Consultant at T4G Ltd., and before that VP of Technology at Whitehill Technologies, Inc. (later bought by Skywire Software, then Oracle, then Thomson-Elite) where I spent almost 9 years helping to grow the company from a startup to one of the most successful private software companies in Canada. Prior to that I worked on internet conferencing using early VoIP, and on large military communications projects. Before even that, I worked in satellite control, and remote sensing. Going way back to university, my focus was on theoretical physics and astrophysics.

My technology interests vary (I still suffer from “shiny object syndrome”!), but right now I am focused on web-scale deployments, deployment automation, analytics, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, NEO4J, Python, and probably other stuff I cannot think of.


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your “Danger! Do not implement SharePoint in your Organization!” article. We tell our prospects this all the time!


    Chris Gaffney
    Director of Client Services
    Firmex Inc.


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