NASA – LRO Sees Apollo Landing Sites


This is very cool – NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has taken images showing the portions of the LEM left behind by the Apollo missions…

NASA – LRO Sees Apollo Landing Sites

Of course, the conspiracy theorists will argue that this is fabricated as well!


My first image with my new toy…(telescope, that is)

saturn test 2 ps

Tonight I got my first chance to try imaging with my new toy. This week I added a Philips webcam to my collection of accessories, modified slightly to work with my telescope, and had a shot at imaging Saturn, and this is the result. Not quite as good as I might have hoped, but not bad for the first astronomical image I have produced in about 25 years. I am still learning to use the various pieces of software involved, as well.

Now to go back outside and just enjoy the view 🙂

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