Michael Vick should be banned for life from NFL – George Dohrmann – SI.com

Michael Vick should be banned for life from NFL – George Dohrmann – SI.com

I have a lot of issues with the NFL’s attitude towards players who commit crimes or other actions of which the NFL disapproves.

I agree that what Vick did was horrendous. It is unthinkable to me that any human being could torture and kill animals for recreation (though for some reason shooting animals for entertainment is still acceptable).

That being said, the United States has a legal system. Michael Vick has been judge and punished for his actions by that legal system. If we disagree with the severity (or lack there of) of his punishment, then the issue is with the legal system. Vick has been sentenced. He is serving the terms of his sentence.

What right, then, does the NFL have to impose further punishment on him? Why does the NFL have the right to do what other employers can not?

Say I am a developer, a consultant, or a journalist, and I commit some crime not related to my profession – say DUI, drug possession, jay walking, animal cruelty, whatever – and I am held accountable by the legal system. My actions do not affect my ability to do my job. Would it then be appropriate for my employer to impose a suspension on me? To levy an additional fine? To tell me I am no longer allowed to work in my field?

Then why does the NFL have the right to impose its will, it opinion above and beyond the legal system? 


6 thoughts on “Michael Vick should be banned for life from NFL – George Dohrmann – SI.com

  1. I can not believe this guy is getting F%&king awards, and of all things For Courage!!! He did indeed admit to throwing smaller breed dogs into the ring to watch them be killed by his fighting dogs. Douchebag also admitted to killing several under performing dogs himself. You know what, everybody’s thinking it I’m just going to say it! Maybe this guy should be throne into a ring with 5 or 6 angry vicious pit bulls and if he doesn’t preform well maybe he should be electrocuted, or hung drowned. I’m not a racist this guy could be white, asian, maybe from one of those countries we can’t pronounce in the middle east. The bottom line the guy is a killer and should have been banned for life from the sport just on common decency.


    1. I wholeheartedly agree – the guy should have been punished much more severely – BY THE COURTS.

      However, once the courts have ruled, and the sentence has been served, it is not the league’s responsibility (or right) to impose a further punishment. That is my only point – the league has no right to enforce the law, or extend it. Now, if anyone really were willing to stand up for what is right, maybe the teams which employ him should face fan retribution.

      As for him getting awards – well that is absurd, but someone out there had to support his reciept of the award. They are the ones who should have to answer that question – why does he deserve and award for courage?


  2. Why don’t you write what you really want to say about Michael Vick. Bernie Madoff has done worse and killed untold people with his unthinkable crime. Any articles from you on that? The NFL is a company/enterprise you or I will never be a part of, what right do you have to question who they fire and hire. It’s is a privledge to watch the games not a right. If you do not like the people that represent the NFL change the channel.


    1. I am not really sure what you are saying – first, I have said what I really think about Vick. What he did was dispicable – but it has nothing to do with his abilty or right to perform his chosen profession. He has “done his time” so to speak, and it is NOT the NFL’s place to impose further punishment.

      As for Madoff – he has gotten what he deserves – though I am not sure he “killed untold people”.


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