MyRoles iPhone App


A little plug here for a couple of my co-workers at T4G (Fred Illies and Andrew Little) who have just released their MyRoles iPhone app to the iTunes AppStore.

In Fred’s words:

“I’m excited to announce that yesterday Andrew and I submitted MyRoles to the iTunes AppStore.  Once the approval process has been completed and it actually goes live on the AppStore I’ll send out another note.  (but with the insane amount of new apps submitted every day who knows how long it’ll be).

In the meantime, please check out our website at to get all the deets on why we think this zen-like to-do list can help people maintain some balance in their lives.  It lets you organize your to-do list by the various roles you play in your life.  You can also check out our MyRoles page on Facebook and you can follow MyRoles on Twitter.”

So, check it out – I would if I had an iPhone!


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