Interesting response to my column on the “dangers” of “implementing SharePoint”

I find the response to my latest Legal IT Professionals column. As expected, the title drew some very interesting reactions – that is, afterall, the intent of a title – to say something that will draw people in and get them to read the content. In addition, it was intended to be a “whack in the side of the head” (borrowed from Roger van Oeck), to startle people out of their normal daily thinking as the began to read the column. While most of the response I have was neutral to positive, some (even those who responded positively) seemed to miss the intent of the title.

(I must admit, though, that I feel a little bit like a tabloid publisher – maybe I will call my next column “NASA Reveals – Bigfoot loves SharePoint”)

For those confused – the real intent is that there is not (or should not be, in my opinion) any such thing as “implementing SharePoint”. You may install SharePoint, configure SharePoint, develop over SharePoint, but you are not implementing SharePoint. You are implementing solutions to business problems of which SharePoint (or any other technology) is only a part.


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