Technology Strategy

Most organizations now have complex, heterogeneous technology environments. This has either happened organically over time, or through mergers and acquisitions. In most cases, it has not been planned or designed. This is not limited to large organizations with extensive legacy systems. I have worked in small startup organizations, large technology companies, and consulting organizations which all, for one reason or another, have had to deal with these issues.

By providing an “outside” view of things, I can help define an objective assessment of possible redundancies and weakness of the current environment, and realistic approaches to “taming the monster” based on where the organization really wants to be.

In addition, a key aspect of my role in recent years (well, the last decade or so) has been to maintain
awareness of trends in all of the technologies we used, as well as new technologies which could impact our business context. My goal is to maintain a 3-5 year view of technology, and what we need to focus on to remain relevant in that timeframe and beyond.


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