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Well, I have been meaning to start this for some time, but like everyone, other things just get in the way.

A bit about myself. I have been working in the world of technology for 20-odd years. Currently, I am VP of Technology at Whitehill Technologies, Inc., where we specialize in Document Composition and Document Automation technologies, in the Legal and Financial services spaces. Prior to that I worked on internet conferencing using early VoIP, and on large military communications projects. Before even that, I worked in satellite control, and remote sensing. Going way back to university, my focus was on theoretical physics and astrophysics.

Currently my interests revolve around most aspect of software development, from technologies to management, and in the area of defining sustainable, repeatable processes for innovation within technology organizations. I also have a particular interest in Tablet PC technologies – I have been using one for several years, and I love it.

On the personal side, I still have a strong interest in all aspects of science, especially physical sciences, as well as philosophy and comparative religion. In addtion, I am into music, playing guitar (badly, I am sorry to say), and reading almost anything I can lay my hands on.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog

  1. Thanks very much for the feedback. Sorry to take so long to respond.

    I have used the IEEE definitions in the past (though not for a dozen years or so). Many of the dev shops I have been in were very informal – probably too informal. Really the only time we had really formal definitions was in the 6 years or so I spent on military projects. In that context of course, the terminology and definitions are dictated by various mil standards such as 2167a and 1521b (both of which may be outdated by now, I am not sure).

    In my current world, we have been working more with variations of Agile and RUP definitions, plus some that we just made up to work within our context. Ultimately, I use all of the various standards as guidelines, and put together what seems to make sense contextually.



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