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Usability: Are “Stupid Users” really just a symptom of lazy software?

Any conversation with programmers or technical support people regarding users will often lead to many stories about “can you believe how stupid users are?” But how often is it really the software that is stupid, rather than the users? Users

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Don’t hide or disable menu items?

I wholeheartedly disagree with this over on Joel on Software. Actually, I agree with not hiding functionality, but nothing (including menu items) should be enabled in the UI if it is not possible to perform that function. That is not

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Thoughts in the Middle of the Night

I am just coming off an all-nighter – it has been a long time since I got so wrapped up in coding that I worked all night. After I got to tired to code effectively, I got reading some blogs

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Is Software High Tech? If not is it a Commodity?

I was reading Is Software High Tech? If not is it a Commodity? « Tech IT Easy. It struck me that the question is not entirely meaningful. I agree with the statement “software by itself is no longer high-tech.” However,

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Fred’s Laws – Part 0.1

Well, this series will come, but I have decided for various reasons to wait a few weeks to start posting it.  Stay tuned.

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Fred’s Laws – Part 0

Well, I am off to a good start. I was not counting on some issues around moving to my new laptop.  All sorted out now, though. Hopefully tonight I will have Part 1 of this posted.

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Fred’s Laws – How not to write software

This begins a series of posts on Fred’s Laws – basically a set of anti-rules on how not to develop software. Over the past twenty-odd years, I have seen a lot of software projects crash and burn. Many have been

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