More Ink Blogging


3 Replies to “More Ink Blogging”

  1. It definitely makes a blog unique that way. As Brian pointed out, it could fill up your space, though. You might want to keep it to really unique entries. 🙂

    I so want to copy your Disclaimer to my blog!


  2. Hi Fred,

    I think it’s cool. There’s something to be said to actually making the motions of handwriting; it can be immensely satisfying. Bonus if your analog scroll is stored digitally! However, I’ll bet you find out that you quickly fill up your free WordPress space with these images! 🙂

    I have a little table PC (I think they still call them the “Origami”) and I really enjoyed IM’ing in ink. It kinda freaked people out originally. Then they all wanted to find out how I did that so they could too.


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