My blog has a new URL

As of tonight, I have my own domain, so this blog now resides at The old URL will of course still work, but it would be nice if new links pointed at the new URL (and old links, too, if you have the inclination to change them.

My own domain – I feel so special now Winking smile

Christmas Break time

Time to take a few days off. I do not plan to post anything over the holidays – in fact, I intend to avoid being online to the greatest extent possible.

Also note that I will probably not be on reviewing comments either, so if your comment does not get moderated/approved right away, do not assumed I have rejected it. I probably just have not looked at it.

Cheers, and Happy Holidays. Enjoy time with your families, and whatever deity you’ve chosen (or not 🙂 ). Remember that none of this technology stuff is that important, and remember what is.  

What language is that?

We have all become familiar with various forms of slang, lingo, emoticons, abbreviations, and acronyms used in the IM and Texting world.

Well, today I had an experience which indicates I may be a little too used to it. I was browsing through various blogs (not ones to which I subscribe, just random ones), and came across a blog I was having trouble understanding. The author seemed to be using way too much slang, etc. After about 30 seconds of trying to interpret this post – it suddenly occured to me: this post was not using internet slang, it was in another language altogether!

8 Answers to the Question: Why do you bother?

I liked Andrew Garrett’s post 8 Answers to the Question: Why do you bother? I absolutely agree with his points, but wanted to add a couple of my own (only slightly serious):

  1. It gives me a chance to write (with words and everything), something I do not get to do as much as I would like in my “real” job. Writing is like anything else, if you do not do it often, does it ever get hard to do!
  2. Ego. I have opinions, thoughts, ideas. I have lots of them, on just about every subject. And of course I believe everyone should have the opportunity to hear them 🙂 .
  3. It gives me a place to write things so that I will not lose them. My stuff is all right there, and hopefully will stay there as long as I need it. I am notorious for writing down ideas and losing them (or not writing them down, and still losing them).
  4. It gives me a place to say things, when I cannot find anyone else to listen – and it does not creep people out as much as when I sit and talk to myself!
  5. It gives me a place to indulge my obsession with numbers and statistics, as I watch the counter move (ok, slowly), and try to find a correlation between tags and reader count.
  6. And finally, because it is still fun!.