Apple and Open XML

This post Apple Beats Microsoft at its Own Open XML Game and PC World article to which it refers are both mostly just more Microsoft-bashing fluff.

It is very interesting to me, however, that Apple has implemented programs which are able to read Open XML format documents. Given that one of the major complaints from the ODF camp is that the Open XML specification is too large and complicated, and contains references to Microsoft proprietary material, making it impossible or impractical for anyone except Microsoft to implement.

How do they answer Apple’s apparent ability to import and display Open XML documents?

Also, a question for anyone actually using the Apple programs – how is the format fidelity when importing these documents? 


2 thoughts on “Apple and Open XML

  1. Found this link on Slashdot from someone who has used iWorks08 with Microsoft formats:

    The basic gist: MSO2K4 files are good to go, OOXML files a bit shaky.

    The OOXML file format specification is over 6,000 pages. The ODF file format specification is “only” 700 pages.

    Apple may well be able to render OOXML documents, but that might be because they licensed proprietary information about Microsoft’s format. I haven’t come across any information as to whether or not Apple has, though.


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