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Some thoughts on Apple Swift and Mobile Programming

Check out my post entitled Apple Swift – A step in the right direction (or is it?) over in the Vizwik blog (spoiler alert: I don’t hate it, I just think it solves the wrong problem!) Advertisements

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Deceptive Use of Statistics in Headlines

I was looking at the Apple stock chart on, and saw two apparently contradictory headlines listed:   I knew that it was likely just a case of using different comparison time frames, but it still looked amusing! As I

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Windows 8 Adoption: My Predictions

With Windows 8 rumoured to go RTM near mid-year, and released before year end, I thought I would hazard a few predictions about its acceptance/adoption: Apple users will hate it. Why? Because it is not from Apple, and nothing cool

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Windows 8 tablets secret weapon: OneNote and inking | ZDNet

Windows 8 tablets secret weapon: OneNote and inking | ZDNet. This has always been my view of Microsoft’s tablet strength, and the competitors’ glaring weakness. For me, without a viable input method (and the onscreen keyboard is not a viable

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So, Apple deserves a 30% slice of all content you buy?

I was having a discussion this week with an old colleague regarding Apple’s content purchasing policies, and about the crippling of the Kindle, Nook and Google Books apps, as described here. I was told I was a “Windows Snob”, and

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Microsoft is evil, lame, and sucks, right?

WRONG! Give me a freaking break! I was just reading a post over on TechCrunch. I do not know why I allow myself to get drawn into reading this drivel, but I always seem to. When are the anti-Microsoft crowd

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The end of physical books? I hope not!

I was just reading this article on, in which author Nicholas Negroponte, founder of One Laptop per Child, foretells the demise of physical books. I recognize the trend, and can see some reality in what he says. I am

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