Is Software High Tech? If not is it a Commodity?

I was reading Is Software High Tech? If not is it a Commodity? « Tech IT Easy. It struck me that the question is not entirely meaningful. I agree with the statement “software by itself is no longer high-tech.”

However, the same question may be asked of many other aspects of technology. Take electronics, for example. There is no denying that there is a great deal of electronics which is obviously “high tech”, but being electronic is not, by itself, is not enough to make something high tech. Is a transistor radio high tech?

In the same way, there are many, many kinds of software out there which are decidedly not high tech (including much of the web). This is not to say they are not innovative – being innovative is about much more than the technology.


2 thoughts on “Is Software High Tech? If not is it a Commodity?

  1. On the electronics side, I was thinking more about very non-high tech items, like a transistor radio. I recognize there is a fuzzy line between software and hardware at times.

    I do not think there is any question that software is always “tech”, it is the “high” part that is not always obvious.


  2. To me, saying software isn’t high tech is like saying that kick boxing is not a sport. By the way, Electronic is Software in a way: you still write programs on components. It’s software closer to a machine rather than software on a higher, closer-to-the-human abstract layer.

    True though that web software being high tech is sometimes questionable.


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