Using Twitter at a conference

I am finding an interesting use for Twitter at a conference. Normally I would be taking notes during the sessions. Instead, I am just tweeting the interesting points. Then, back in my room, I can pull up all my tweets for the day, and POOF – there are my notes for the day.

I think I may write a OneNote add-in to import my tweets to save them as my notes 🙂


3 thoughts on “Using Twitter at a conference

    1. I have been on the fence about twitter since the beginning. I started with Twitter early on, when it was still in Alpha. Used it for a few weks, thought it was stupid, and stopped. Tried it again a few months later. Still thought it was silly and stopped.

      Finally have started using it consistantly, but still not convinced it is not silly 🙂

      It kind of reminds me of standing on a street corner talking to myself lol.

      The conference thing is the first time I have really seen it as useful – watching what sessions people see as useful, coordinating with people I know as to what is going on. The note-taking thing was just a random idea – if I am tweeting anyway, then why not use the tweets as my notes, then I am not trying to type things in two places at once.


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