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The most popular programming languages are rapidly changing

Interesting post on Quartz:  The most popular programming languages are rapidly changing While it is an interesting post, a number of questions came to mind on reading it: While StackOverflow is indeed a dominant system for developers seeking and sharing

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Some thoughts on Apple Swift and Mobile Programming

Check out my post entitled Apple Swift – A step in the right direction (or is it?) over in the Vizwik blog (spoiler alert: I don’t hate it, I just think it solves the wrong problem!)

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The 3 Most Annoying Attention-grabbing Blog Post Headlines

Have you ever noticed that there are several headlines used repeatedly by bloggers and other digital writers, all of which are designed for nothing else than to try to grab traffic? Not that there is anything wrong with trying to

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Immigration: The new Off-Shoring?

I was just reading an article over one The Atlantic, entitled The Myth of America’s Tech-Talent Shortage I think “myth” is too polite a term here. Complete and utter bullshit would seem to be more appropriate, both for the situation in

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Deceptive Use of Statistics in Headlines

I was looking at the Apple stock chart on, and saw two apparently contradictory headlines listed:   I knew that it was likely just a case of using different comparison time frames, but it still looked amusing! As I

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Let the Leap Motion Experiments Begin!

Yay! My Leap Motion developer unit arrived at lunch today. Below is a video of my first experiment with getting it working. Unfortunately, I will not have any time to look at it this week, but stay tuned!    

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Leap Motion

This is too cool! And at the advertised price point, it would definitely be a game changer in NUI development. I do not agree that it replaces a mouse and keyboard, but I do not think in terms of “replacement”.

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