Neil Young’s “Le Noise”

I have just finished listening to Neil Young’s new "Le Noise" for the third time tonight (it is not actually out until the 28th, but you can stream it, legally, from various sites on the inter-web). The more I listen to it, the more impressed I am with it. Musically, it is very different – mostly just Neil solo with a heavily distorted guitar, plus some very interesting sonic adjustments from producer Daniel Langois (I saw one comment describe the sound as "a one man Crazy horse"). This is an album for sitting in the dark and absorbing (kinda like old Floyd, but in a different way). It may drift a little into the "it is art, but is it rock" category, but it is definitely original (and good, in my mind). What I have always loved about Neil – not afraid to do new things (and old things, too!).

I also read an interesting thing about the recording of the album (which I guess was done at Langois’ LA mansion) – apparently Neil would only record on nights with a full moon 🙂

Long live Neil!

Neil Young, automobiles, and the environment

I just read a very interesting article by Neil Young on the automobile industry, bailouts, and reducing emissions. While I do not know enough to validate the feasibility of the strategy suggested in the article, I still believe it is an intelligent discussion. There should be no money to bail out the automobile industry without very clear, very specific, very enforceable requirements to retool the industry to produce vehicles which are relevant to the current economic, political, and environmental situations.

(not that I expect any of our leaders to have the guts to follow that path).