Neil Young, automobiles, and the environment

I just read a very interesting article by Neil Young on the automobile industry, bailouts, and reducing emissions. While I do not know enough to validate the feasibility of the strategy suggested in the article, I still believe it is an intelligent discussion. There should be no money to bail out the automobile industry without very clear, very specific, very enforceable requirements to retool the industry to produce vehicles which are relevant to the current economic, political, and environmental situations.

(not that I expect any of our leaders to have the guts to follow that path).


4 thoughts on “Neil Young, automobiles, and the environment

  1. This is intriguing, I do not know enough about SCEV’s to say if it’s feasible but it’s interesting.

    I am not sure why people find it hard to believe in the global warming science but they readily accept any pill their doctor prescribes for an equally complicated system, called the human body.

    However, my main beef with us not changing from fossil fuels is simple. CO2 kills animals dead. Pumping something that will kill you into the atmosphere, when there are alternatives, is just not the smartest thing we could do.


  2. Gosh I know I should be concerned but its a little hard for me. I live on the Gulf of Mexico and ever since Gore etc. have highlighted WS (weather shift) I’ve kept a record on my seawall of what the highest tide on full moon is each month. Been doing it 4 years- The average is just about the same each year, 2008 is down 3/8″ on average. Makes me wonder if we’re suffering from WS or BS.


    1. Irrespective of whether you believe in global warming (or weather shift, or whatever), there is no doubt that there is an advantage to reducing our oil consumption. Oil is non-renewable, and the slower we use it, the longer it will last.


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