Another interesting article on an Electric Vehicle

Zero Motorcycles cranks out whisper quiet electric bike – Engadget

 This is another interesting concept. Unfortunately, I have a problem with the whole concept of electric cars – at least with ones with batteries which need to be charged from the electric power grid. In terms of a solution to our energy problems, or to global warming, these really make no sense whatsoever. All they are doing is moving the problem from one place (vehicles) to another place (the power grid), where the environmental impact is potentially as bad or worse. If even a small percentage of our vehicles were switched to electric, the impact on the power grid would be enormous.

While I admire the idea behind this effort, I believe the environmental advantages are largely illusory.


5 thoughts on “Another interesting article on an Electric Vehicle

  1. Ian,

    Thanks for the comments, and the link. I will have a look at it.

    I am really not trying to crap on what people are doing with electric vehicles, there are just aspects of it which I do not completely follow (hey, I am just a poor, dumb physicist!).



  2. Electric vehicles put upwards of 80% of the power stored in their batteries to forward motion. Most internal combustion engine cars are only 20% efficient. When you consider the whole picture of getting the “fuel” into the cars, not only are electrics more efficient, but emissions controls are much easier to implement (and regulate) on large, central power plants as opposed to millions of individual cars. If you want to understand the breadth of the topic, I suggest reading about “well-to-wheels” efficiency:

    Click to access 273.pdf


  3. Whether the rates are lower or not, the environmental impact of a given energy usage is not necessarily lower.

    I also find it hard to believe that the existing electrical power grid could absorb >80% of the current vehicular population in electric cars, when many areas cannot absorb the increased demand of a hot day. Would you have any links to these studies?



  4. It is more than likely that most of EVs. will be connected to the grid overnight, when their drivers are asleep and the rates are remarkably lower.

    There are also studies proving that power plants will not have to raise their output until EV population reaches about 87% of all conventional petrol powered vehicles.


  5. It is proven that EVs. would be charged overnight, when the drivers usually are asleep and the prices of electricity are remarkably reduced.

    There are also studies proving that power plants will have to raise their production output only after the EV population replaces about 87% of all petrol vehicles fleet.


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