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Brainstorming is a bad idea (yet again)?

I love these articles – I blogged about this in response to articles a couple of times (here  and here) and the issue is always the same. They refer to brainstorming as “throwing a bunch of people in a room

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Some challenges with MS Surface Development

So I have been playing with the MS Surface for a couple of weeks, and have a pretty good handle on the basics of the development model. As I said previsouly, the nice thing (for me, anyway) is that it

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That’s why you play the game!

I just finished watching the Giants beat the Patriots in the Superbowl. I had not actually intended to watch the game, because I really had little interest in who won. Then I figured, no matter who won, a certain amount

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Business life lesson – Don’t let anyone steal your dream : Atlantic Canada’s Small Business Blog – IQI Strategic Management Inc.

  Business life lesson – Don’t let anyone steal your dream : Atlantic Canada’s Small Business Blog – IQI Strategic Management Inc. This is an interesting post, and fits in well with other things which have been on my mind

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Ok, so now what?

I will let you know, right up front, that this is going to be a largely self-indulgent post. I am basically just thinking out loud, and doing it in public. Kind of like standing on a street corner talking to

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Service Oriented Architecture is your Ticket to Hell?

With reference to Service Oriented Architecture is your Ticket to Hell, it always amuses me how people insist on calling any idea which does not agree with their own, “bullshit” – always thinking in terms of absolutes, and believing “my

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This is Freakin’ Great – Clocky the Alarm Clock

Clocky, the mobile alarm clock available here I love brilliantly simple ideas!

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