Conservative Fundamentalists Scare the Heck Out of Me!

Conservative fundamentalists (of any religion) scare me. Actually, any fundamentalists/extremests scare me. Check out this piece of mindless drivel: A Waste of Taxpayer Money by Rob Hood

By this logic, all scientific research should stop, because our 4 year olds already know the answers.

Where did life come from? God spoke it into existence.

What are the basic laws of science, chemistry, mathematics, etc? Who cares, God makes it work.

Why do people die of cancer, AIDS and other diseases? Because God wants them to (for one reason or another).

How will we survive global warming? No problem, God will fix it.

Maybe this guy is, on his own, proof that evolution is false – natural selection should have emptied his end of the gene pool long ago.

BTW – don’t get the idea that I am anti-religion, because I am not. I am against mindless application of dogma (religious or scientific).


7 thoughts on “Conservative Fundamentalists Scare the Heck Out of Me!

  1. I really mean what I said in the title of this post – these people scare the heck out of me.

    I remember about ten years ago, telling a friend from Kentucky that it would take very little in terms of a terrorist attack or some other incident to push the US from a democracy towards a religious dictatorship. What has happened in the last decade amazes even me.

    I have nightmares of the US (and by extension Canada) drifting into a dark age where all educational material, research funding, art, literature, etc. is controlled by Christian extremists. That is the path we are now on.


  2. Fred you’re right the lad is a moron. How can we not ask these questions? Where in the heck would we be if we just thought things just came into existence.

    Gregor Mendel a priest is the father of modern genetics. What if he had said well all the different types of peas were created by god no need to look any further. Thankfully he didn’t.

    “The person who has all the answers understands none of the
    problems.” Unknown


  3. Your opinions are your own and its fine for you to be against it in the way that you are based on what you think you know. Thanks for clarifying that you weren’t only referring to this one article in regards to your comments. I was pretty sure that was the case after reading the article for the first time but your comments still seemed fairly directed at this one man so I wanted to point out some discrepencies there. The key phrase that you said was “by this logic” which seemed to imply that his logic necessarily leads to all the other things you mentioned … when in fact after reading the article it seemed he was promoting and supporting the opposite of almost all of the things you said his logic would necessitate (i.e. he supports MOST of the things YOU also support).

    I would be hesitant to call somebody stupid from reading a single article that they wrote even if they do confess to believe in God and further support some ideas and movements that you disagree with. You think he’s wrong, and that fine too, but people are wrong all the time … even very intelligent people. Being wrong doesn’t make you stupid. It seems you have allowed your bias towards those you perceive to be dogmatic as the sole criteria for determining intelligence. I just don’t think that is the case.


  4. It would take a lot of evidence to convince me that the author of that article is not a complete and utter moron.

    And my rant was not entirely directed at him, but at the movement which he represents. In the United States right now there is a fairly dominant movement which discourages the teaching of science in schoolos, and replaces it with mythology. It also discourages any research which may produce actual evidence which refutes this mythology.

    As for the economic and social benefits of the space program, the spin off benefits tend to be substantial. I have not seen recent numbers, but the last ones I did see indicated that every dollar invested in the space program had spin off economic benefits of 7 or 8 fold. In addition, this research helps us understand not only other worlds but our own world better – thus helping us better understand our own problems such as global warming.

    Finally, as for what if anything God ever said on the subject, unfortunately the majority of what the Christian fundamentalists in the United States put forth as dogma does NOT come from God, or even the Bible.

    Again, I am not against religion – you can beleive what ever you want – but the mindless, unthinking application of dogma, and the enforcement of it on people who do not share a belief in it is WRONG – PERIOD.


  5. I think you blew this article a little bit out of proportion. After reading it, I see many of the things you listed in your post weren’t even discussed by the author.

    He didn’t denounce science, chemistry, math, etc in any form. He didn’t say God makes people die of diseases. He actually advocated spending money on research to cure diseases. He didn’t mention global warming at all.

    I also can’t say I disagree that money spent digging wells in Africa to help the people living there is better than money spent discovering water on Mars. Seeing as digging a well in Africa can cost as little as $1000, can you imagine how many wells could be dug with the money being spent by NASA?

    Being a Christian or religious does not mean that scientific research is any less important. Did God ever say that we shouldn’t help our fellow man, discover the universe, or do our best to look after our planet and environment? Nope, and neither did the author as far as I can tell.

    Maybe he isn’t as stupid as you make him out to be.


  6. I am against religion. I am against all forms of delusions, psychotic episodes, and lies that are not treated as illness or morally corrupt.


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