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NFA on Gun Control: Bad Taste, Bad Timing, and Bad Logic

I actually wrote this on the evening of Thursday, June 5, 2014 after reading the press release by the National Firearms Association. However, I refrained from posting it, as I felt that the timing was in appropriate. After reading this article, I

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The 3 Most Annoying Attention-grabbing Blog Post Headlines

Have you ever noticed that there are several headlines used repeatedly by bloggers and other digital writers, all of which are designed for nothing else than to try to grab traffic? Not that there is anything wrong with trying to

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Deceptive Use of Statistics in Headlines

I was looking at the Apple stock chart on, and saw two apparently contradictory headlines listed:   I knew that it was likely just a case of using different comparison time frames, but it still looked amusing! As I

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Don’t Pave Around Your IT Obstacles!

I came across a news story yesterday about a hydro pole in the middle of the road in Quebec. In case the link breaks (they often do on the site) here is the picture: Apparently, a contract was put out to

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Usability: Are “Stupid Users” really just a symptom of lazy software?

Any conversation with programmers or technical support people regarding users will often lead to many stories about “can you believe how stupid users are?” But how often is it really the software that is stupid, rather than the users? Users

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Why Google Search Integration with Google+ Sucks

This is a very simple example of something I am seeing more and more on Google Search. I did a very simple search for “.NET 4 launch activity in background thread”. The picture below shows the results: What’s my issue

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Microsoft is evil, lame, and sucks, right?

WRONG! Give me a freaking break! I was just reading a post over on TechCrunch. I do not know why I allow myself to get drawn into reading this drivel, but I always seem to. When are the anti-Microsoft crowd

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