Apple Marketing and Political Mud-slinging

I was wathing one of Apple’s “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” commercials last night, and noticed how much Apple’s marketing campaign resembles the mindless mud-slinging which permeates the political campaign process. I cannot remember the last time any of these commercials actually mentioned anything good about the Mac, or even mentioned anything about the Mac’s capabilities.

I am sorry, but saying “you should buy my product because XYZ sucks” is a pretty lazy marketing campaign – especially from an organization that pretends to be innovative.


9 Replies to “Apple Marketing and Political Mud-slinging”

  1. Hey Tyrrell – good to hear from you!

    I will not argue that these commercials are effective – only that it is lazy, and not worthy of an organization pretending to be cool and innovative.


  2. You lads are missing the point of the ads, humour. Apple is simply taking well known issues we all have with Windows and exploiting them, isn’t that marketing 101?

    If it’s just mudslinging then why has Microsoft trashed their horrible Seinfeld commercials, which were supposed to be funny and replaced them with I’m a PC ads (good ones too) all in response to Apple’s campaign and mimicking their campaign.

    Comedy is an effective marketing tool in the right hands.


  3. I also find it a bit humurous that the ads on the website don’t work in firefox….aren’t those the people you are trying to convert?


  4. I remember somebody said once, if you argue correctly you’re never wrong.

    If you prove the other guy is wrong, you don’t have to prove you’re right.


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