Apple Marketing and Political Mud-slinging

I was wathing one of Apple’s “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” commercials last night, and noticed how much Apple’s marketing campaign resembles the mindless mud-slinging which permeates the political campaign process. I cannot remember the last time any of these commercials actually mentioned anything good about the Mac, or even mentioned anything about the Mac’s capabilities.

I am sorry, but saying “you should buy my product because XYZ sucks” is a pretty lazy marketing campaign – especially from an organization that pretends to be innovative.


I have been working in the world of technology for 25-odd years. I am an entrepreneur and consultant, focused on software solutions, social networking, and innovation processes. Currently, I am a Principal Consultant with T4G Limited, specializing in Portal Technologies (including SharePoint), software/systems development, service oriented architectures, and many other things which I will probably not remember until I need to use them. Prior to that, I was VP of Technology at Whitehill Technologies, Inc., where I spent almost 9 years helping to grow the company from a start-up to one of the most successful private software companies in Canada. Prior to that I worked on internet conferencing using early VoIP, and on large military communications projects. Before even that, I worked in satellite control, and remote sensing. Going way back to university, my focus was on theoretical physics and astrophysics. Currently my interests revolve around most aspects of software development, from technologies to management, and in the area of defining sustainable, repeatable processes for innovation within technology organizations. I also have a particular interest in Tablet PC technologies – I have been using one for several years, and I love it. On the personal side, I still have a strong interest in all aspects of science, especially physical sciences, as well as philosophy and comparative religion. In addition, I am into music, playing guitar (badly, I am sorry to say), and reading almost anything I can lay my hands on. I am also a member of the IEEE/IEEE Computer Society, and of the Association for Computing Machinery.

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9 comments on “Apple Marketing and Political Mud-slinging
  1. Fred says:

    Hey Tyrrell – good to hear from you!

    I will not argue that these commercials are effective – only that it is lazy, and not worthy of an organization pretending to be cool and innovative.

  2. Tyrrell Cornwall says:

    You lads are missing the point of the ads, humour. Apple is simply taking well known issues we all have with Windows and exploiting them, isn’t that marketing 101?

    If it’s just mudslinging then why has Microsoft trashed their horrible Seinfeld commercials, which were supposed to be funny and replaced them with I’m a PC ads (good ones too) all in response to Apple’s campaign and mimicking their campaign.

    Comedy is an effective marketing tool in the right hands.

  3. Micah Peterson says:

    I also find it a bit humurous that the ads on the website don’t work in firefox….aren’t those the people you are trying to convert?

  4. Micah Peterson says:

    It sort of reminds me of the energizer/duracell days….is that kind of ad marketing illegal?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Or both sides may be right (in their own way).

  6. Fred says:

    That’s true – the assumption seems to be “if the other guy is wrong, I am obviously right”, not taking into account that both sides may be wrong.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Or at least that’s how general public views it …. they don’t neccesarily care who is right, all they care is who is wrong.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I remember somebody said once, if you argue correctly you’re never wrong.

    If you prove the other guy is wrong, you don’t have to prove you’re right.

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