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The most popular programming languages are rapidly changing

Interesting post on Quartz:  The most popular programming languages are rapidly changing While it is an interesting post, a number of questions came to mind on reading it: While StackOverflow is indeed a dominant system for developers seeking and sharing

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5 Steps to Faster Mobile Web App Development

New Brunswick start-up Agora Mobile has developed a revolutionary platform for the visual development of mobile web applications. As we move closer to launch, we are beginning a private beta targeting developers (and other forward-thinking sorts). To kick off this

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Some thoughts on Apple Swift and Mobile Programming

Check out my post entitled Apple Swift – A step in the right direction (or is it?) over in the Vizwik blog (spoiler alert: I don’t hate it, I just think it solves the wrong problem!)

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6 Technologies From My First Job

I was sitting around on New Year’s Eve playing Zork, and I got to reminiscing about technologies I have used which either no longer exist or have passed into no usage. Thinking back to my first summer job where I

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Why I Love UX (or How to Piss Off an Entire Department!)

Last Friday, I tweeted something which was badly worded, and managed to piss off much of our UX team (not to mention a few UX people far and wide): Now I ask you, how could that post possibly offend anyone

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SharePoint Developer Survey: How do YOU do SharePoint development?

I am curious how many SharePoint Developers (individuals, IT groups, consultants, and ISVs) are making use of any or all of the Microsoft Patterns and Practices SharePoint Guidance.

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Microsoft: Get Your Shit Together on Touch Development

Image by John Bristowe via Flickr I have been playing with multi-touch development for a while, both on Windows 7 with my 2740p and on the Microsoft Surface table (version 1, not the new one). I have consistently had challenges

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