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The most popular programming languages are rapidly changing

Interesting post on Quartz:  The most popular programming languages are rapidly changing While it is an interesting post, a number of questions came to mind on reading it: While StackOverflow is indeed a dominant system for developers seeking and sharing

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Bing Maps WPF Control Beta with Surface 1.0

As announced on the Microsoft Surface Blog (and elsewhere, I am sure), a Bing Maps WPF Control Beta has been released. This control targets WPF4 with functionality similar to the Bing Maps Silverlight control. As a WPF4 control, with support

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RE:Lean software development using Kanban

Nice post. Before I write anything critical about it, I want to make clear that I think the Kanban approach is very interesting. I have a few thoughts though, as I always do when considering agile versus "heavy" processes for

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Fred’s Laws – How not to write software

This begins a series of posts on Fred’s Laws – basically a set of anti-rules on how not to develop software. Over the past twenty-odd years, I have seen a lot of software projects crash and burn. Many have been

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The Next Big Language – WHY?

I have been doing some work lately teaching myself some of the basics of Ruby, Python and a couple of other languages. As I was working with these languages, I was suddenly hit with a question – why? Over the course

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