Leopard will open the Mac OS X floodgates (and embarass Microsoft)?

Leopard will open the Mac OS X floodgates (and embarass Microsoft) – nice thought, but not very realistic. The fact is, Apple will continue to eat away a Microsoft’s dominance, especially in certain segments of the market (primarily those who would not be running Windows anyway), but will not become the dominant desktop OS (and hence, will not destroy Microsoft) unless Apple stops being a radically proprietary, closed environment, and lets users buy the OS and run it on whatever hardware they want. Same battle Apple lost in the 80s – seems they never learn.This assumes, of course, that Apple wants to be an OS vendor – maybe they are not stupid, they just do not want to compete in that market.


One thought on “Leopard will open the Mac OS X floodgates (and embarass Microsoft)?

  1. Doomed to failure or not, Steve proclaims on every occasion that famous statement by some important computer guy that ~ “The OS must be attached to the hardware” or something like that. It’s a nice thought, but I don’t buy it.


    -Everything works, like Macs for instance ; )


    -Don’t get the masses, the collective “web 2.0” intelligence

    Anyway, I don’t think they’ll be changing their strategy very soon… Micah


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