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5 Steps to Faster Mobile Web App Development

New Brunswick start-up Agora Mobile has developed a revolutionary platform for the visual development of mobile web applications. As we move closer to launch, we are beginning a private beta targeting developers (and other forward-thinking sorts). To kick off this

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Let the Leap Motion Experiments Begin!

Yay! My Leap Motion developer unit arrived at lunch today. Below is a video of my first experiment with getting it working. Unfortunately, I will not have any time to look at it this week, but stay tuned!    

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EARTH University: ‚Ä®Learning for a clean future Interesting and very inspirational article/video about programs at EARTH University in Costa Rica (and in Costa Rica in general), both teaching and implementing environmentally sustainable practices. Really makes on wonder why countries like Canada cannot do the same –

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Welcome to The Continuum – Part Two

Earlier today, I began to explain The Continuum as an experiment in Social Brainstorming. But that is only half the story (actually, a third, but we will deal with that later). Beyond this, The Continuum is meant as a demonstration

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Welcome to The Continuum

So what is The Continuum? Well, at one point Continuum was what we called our solution because all of the names we really wanted to use were taken by other things. Since I came up with the name, however, I

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Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface Receives Best of Innovations Award at CES

The Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface (the Surface 2.0), which was announced at last year’s CES, has been awarded a “Best of Innovations 2012” award ( Compared to the Surface 1 unit we have in T4G’s Moncton office, this is

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Brainstorming is a bad idea (yet again)?

I love these articles – I blogged about this in response to articles a couple of times (here¬† and here) and the issue is always the same. They refer to brainstorming as “throwing a bunch of people in a room

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