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George Carlin

Today the world lost one of its most interesting personalities, and one of my personal heroes. George, I will miss you… Advertisements

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Bad Astronomy Blog » Certifiably Christian

This (well, not this post, but the issue is describes) is just about as dumb as what I posted about some time back about author Philip Pullman being described in a major Canadian newspaper as “an admitted atheist”, like it

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More stupidity – Soviet Microsoft: Stockholm Syndrome Among Unswitchable Windows User?

  Soviet Microsoft: Stockholm Syndrome Among Unswitchable Windows Users This crap is getting ridiculous. First Microsoft is the Soviet Union, and now anyone who does not agree with the “Microsoft is an evil empire” crowd and switch to inferior desktop

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Confessions of an airline executive –

Confessions of an airline executive – This is an interesting article. unfortunately it does not address the main outstanding question I have – why does the airline industry (and this includes not just the airlines, but the airport authorities,

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CANOE — CNEWS – Canada: Kids book removed from schools

CANOE — CNEWS – Canada: Kids book removed from schools This article is interesting to me, but not so much because of parents concerns leading to the book being pull from shelves. I mean, the entire point of religious schools

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Treating employees well

“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good” – Samuel Johnson Many companies claim to treat their staff well – claiming in fact that people are their greatest resource. In

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What language is that?

We have all become familiar with various forms of slang, lingo, emoticons, abbreviations, and acronyms used in the IM and Texting world. Well, today I had an experience which indicates I may be a little too used to it. I

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