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Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro First look

A first look at the Samsung ATIV SmartPC Pro, also by the world’s worst videographer (me)! Advertisements

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Samsung ATIV SmartPC Pro Unboxing

A video of me unboxing the Samsung ATIV SmartPC Pro, by the world’s worst videographer (me)!

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Windows 8: 5 Things that Really Bug Me

I have been running Windows 8 for a while now (as many people have, given Microsoft’s approach to releasing “previews”). I started playing with it just after the //Build/ conference in 2011, and switched to running it full-time on all

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Samsung ATIV SmartPC: Be very careful when buying in Canada

Among the Windows 8 devices I have been very anxious to see are Samsung’s ATIV SmartPC line. There are two main versions, the 500T, powered by an Atom processor, and the 700T powered by a Core I5 processor (note there

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The Windows 8 Experience is here!

Check out my new blog The Windows 8 Experience¬†where I will be documenting my experiences trying to live and work with Windows 8 as my primary OS. (this blog isn’t going away – the new one is just for a

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Windows 8 Adoption: My Predictions

With Windows 8 rumoured to go RTM near mid-year, and released before year end, I thought I would hazard a few predictions about its acceptance/adoption: Apple users will hate it. Why? Because it is not from Apple, and nothing cool

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Windows 8 is for the Right Handed?

As I have played with Windows 8 (both the Developer Preview and the Consumer Preview), I have gotten the distinct feeling that it has been developed assuming a right-handed user. For example, access the system charms works much more consistently

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